21.11.2003 Modernisation of Company Law: Commission announces results of consultation on Action Plan
18.11.2003 Commission proposes Directive on cross-border mergers
11.06.2003 Commission welcomes Council adoption of a Directive simplifying and modernising the provision of company information
21.05.2003 Modernisation of Company Law: Commission presents Action Plan
19.03.2003 Free movement of capital: Commission asks Germany to justify its Volkswagen law

The Court of First Instance annuls the Commission's decision declaring Volkswagen's commercial practices with regard to its German dealers unlawful

04.11.2002 Commission welcomes experts' report on company law and corporate governance
10.10.2002 Frits Bolkestein and US SEC Chairman Harvey L. Pitt meet in Brussels
02.10.2002 Commission proposes a transparent framework for takeover bids
03.06.2002 Commission proposes simplifying and modernising the provision of company information
25.04.2002 High Level Group of Company Law Experts launches online consultation on a modern regulatory framework for Company Law in Europe
18.04.2002 Commission services publish analysis of repercussions of Enron collapse
27.03.2002 Comparative Study of Corporate Governance Codes relevant to the European Union and its Member States
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  • Body and annexes I to III PDF - 322 KBEnglish
  • Annex IV [1456 KB] PDF - 1456 KBEnglish
  • Annex V [1121 KB] PDF - 1121 KBEnglish
10.01.2002 Commission welcomes experts' report on takeovers
27.11.2001 European company: Council Directive 2001/86/CE of 8.10.2001 supplementing the Statute for a European company with regard to the involvement of employees
26.11.2001 European company: Council Regulation 2001/2157/CE of 8.10.2001 on the Statute for a European company (SE)
08.10.2001 European company: Commission welcomes formal adoption
11.09.2001 Commissioner Bolkestein discusses takeovers with Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee
04.09.2001 Commission creates High Level Group of Experts

Commission regrets rejection of Takeovers Directive by the European Parliament

06.06.2001 Takeovers Directive compromise agreed by Conciliation Committee
12.02.2001 Proposed Takeovers Directive: Follow-up since the EP session in December 2000
20.12.2000 European company: Commission welcomes political agreement
19.06.2000 Commission welcomes Common Position on the takeovers Directive
21.06.1999 Internal Market Council close to agreement on proposed Takeovers Directive
09.02.1999 Commission proposes to adapt definition of small and medium sized enterprises
20.11.1997 Amended proposal for a Directive on takeover bids
10.09.1997 Cross-frontier cooperation: participation of EEIGs in public contracts and programmes financed by public funds
13.05.1997 Worker Involvement: Davignon Group Final Report

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