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Implementation rules: "Transparency Directive"

DirectiveTransposition deadline
2008/961/EC: Commission Decision of 12 December 2008 on the use by third countries’ issuers of securities of certain third country’s national accounting standards and International Financial Reporting Standards to prepare their consolidated financial statements (notified under document number C(2008) 8218) - OJ L 340, 19.12.2008  1 January 2009  

Commission Directive 2007/14/EC of 8 March 2007 laying down detailed rules for the implementation of certain provisions of Directive 2004/109/EC on the harmonisation of transparency requirements in relation to information about issuers whose securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market - OJ L 69, 9.3.2007  8 March 2008  

2006/891/EC: Commission Decision of 4 December 2006 on the use by third country issuers of securities of information prepared under internationally accepted accounting standards (notified under document number C(2006) 5804) - OJ L 343, 8.12.2006  4 December 2006