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April 2014

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  • Thu 17
    • Projects news and results: Augmented Reality: Bringing History and the Future to Life
    • Press Release: Commission requests Belgium to comply with EU telecoms law
    • Press Release: EU-wide hunt for top tech startups
    • Projects news and results: World Voice Day: EU-funded projects capturing, sketching and simulating our voice
  • Tue 15
    • Press Release: Commission welcomes European Parliament support for a safer, healthier, high-tech and more #Connected Continent
    • News Article: Heartbleed bug - Don't Panic!
  • Mon 14
    • Speech: An Open Internet for the whole world
    • Press Release: New Commission study identifies Europe's top ICT hubs
    • Event Announcement: Standards for an Internet of Things: a workshop co-organised by DG Connect and ETSI
  • Thu 10
    • Press Release: Healthcare in your pocket: unlocking the potential of mHealth
    • Projects news and results: Smart home able to detect symptoms of neurodegenerative disease
    • Press Release: What mHealth can do for you
  • Mon 7
    • Press Release: Commission again requests the German telecoms regulator to lower mobile call rates
    • Speech: Connected continent supporting top-quality eGovernment
    • Press Release: European Commission reaction to ICANN/NGPC decision on wine domain names
  • Thu 3
    • Press Release: European Parliament votes to end roaming charges, expand consumer rights and make it easier to create better telecoms.
    • Speech: The final case for Telecom Single Market
    • News Article: A Market-Based Alternative to Patent System Challenges
    • Speech: Consumer rights on a connected continent
    • Audiovisual: EIT ICT Labs' Idea Challenge
    • Policy and legislation: Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth
    • News Article: How to Unleash the Entire Innovation Potential
    • Event Announcement: New Frontiers for European Entrepreneurs | Stimulating Digital Entrepreneurship
    • Event Announcement: Nominate a company for the ACES 2014!
    • News Article: Open Innovation in our Universities
    • Policy and legislation: The CEF Telecommunications guidelines
    • News Article: The Grand Finale at FEI and the Combinatoric Innovation Award
    • News Article: The MOOI Project
    • Event Announcement: eHealth forum
  • Tue 1
    • Press Release: EU 20-somethings want to end roaming and unrestricted internet access – new survey shows
    • Press Release: EU Consumer Summit 2014: Ensuring that consumers reap the benefits of the digital economy
    • Event Announcement: June 2014 will be about INNOVATION!
    • Event Announcement: ONE Conference 2014
    • Event Announcement: SAVE THE DATE! The Great Transformation - Managing Our Way to Prosperity
    • Speech: The frontline of freedom: Defending the open internet and net neutrality
    • News Article: Тhe EIF report 'The Digital World in 2030: What Place for Europe?' is finally ready!
    • News Article: 9 Important Messages on Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing
    • Event Announcement: Fostering e-Leadership Skills
    • News Article: Open Innovation – Bosch platforms
    • Speech: Photonics enabling the economy: from factories of the future to better broadband
    • Event Announcement: The Art of Living with ICT

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