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EPoSS General Assembly, Annual Forum and Engagement day
EPoSS General Assembly, Annual Forum and Engagement day
The European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration organizes the EPoSS General Assembly, Annual Forum and Engagement Day 2012 in order to bring together industry, research and the European Commission to learn about and get involved in areas where Smart Systems can contribute to European industrial leadership and to help tackling societal challenges. The [link] http://www.smart-systems-integration.org/public/news-events/events/eposs-annual-forum-2012/call-for-presentations (call for presentations) [/link] on "Industrial Leadership and Solutions for Societal Challenges" is open and proposals need to be submitted by the 5th of August. This year there is also the new possibility for the participants to for example raise awareness of their project or disseminate their results in the [link] http://www.smart-systems-integration.org/public/news-events/events/eposs-annual-forum-2012/poster-exhibition (poster exhibition) [/link]. You can [link] http://www.smart-systems-integration.org/public/news-events/events/eposs-annual-forum-2012/registration (register) [/link] for the event online.
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