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October 2014
Digital Agenda: Commission outlines action plan to boost Europe's prosperity and well-being
Digital Agenda: Commission outlines action plan to boost Europe's prosperity and well-being
Implementing the ambitious Digital Agenda for Europe unveiled today by the European Commission would contribute significantly to the EU's economic growth and spread the benefits of the digital era to all sections of society.
[p]Half of European productivity growth over the past 15 years was already driven by information and communications technologies (see [link][/link]) and this trend is likely to accelerate. The Agenda outlines seven priority areas for action: creating a digital Single Market, greater interoperability, boosting internet trust and security, much faster internet access, more investment in research and development, enhancing digital literacy skills and inclusion, and applying information and communications technologies to address challenges facing society like climate change and the ageing population. Examples of benefits include easier electronic payments and invoicing, rapid deployment of telemedicine and energy efficient lighting. In these seven areas, the Digital Agenda foresees some 100 follow-up actions, of which 31 would be legislative. The Digital Agenda is the first of seven flagship initiatives under the [link] (Europe 2020 strategy)[/link] for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth (see [link][/link]).[/p] [p][link] press release)[/link][/p] [p][link] (Text of the communication)[/link][/p] [p][link] Agenda for Europe: what would it do for me?)[/link][/p] [p][link] Agenda for Europe: key initiatives)[/link][/p] [p][link] Digital Agenda for Europe)[/link] - Opening remarks at press conference in Brussels on 19th May 2010 by Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, responsible for the Digital Agenda[/p] [p][link] (European Digital Agenda website)[/link][/p] [p][link] analysis/Studies)[/link][/p]
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