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European Commission EU eHealth in focus -
Boosting investment in eHealth across Europe
Monthly Focus: Financing eHealth - Boosting investment in eHealth accross Europe
Discover new insights on wise decision-making, sources of financing, and good practices for securing success and sustainability of eHealth investments. In order to give stakeholders the opportunity to learn from existing experience, the Financing eHealth study examines investments in eHealth across Europe.
It is essential that eHealth investment is integrated into mainstream strategic decisions on total healthcare development
[p]The Financing eHealth study was commissioned by DG INFSO and Media, unit ICT for Health. The aim is to assess different financing opportunities against the financing needs of eHealth investment. The study focuses on providing insights and specific recommendations on:[/p] [UL][LI]developing the supply side of eHealth finance to optimise the use of resources available for boosting investment in eHealth, including ways to add value through collaboration between Member States; and[/LI] [LI]placing eHealth investment in an integrated strategic context to enhance and refine the demand for eHealth in improving healthcare capacity and performance.[/LI][/UL] [p]The recommendations will help close the gap between supply of, and demand for, eHealth financing, and thus help Member States and the European Commission to support and boost investment in eHealth.[/p] [p][link]http://www.financing-ehealth.eu(Study website)[/link][/P] [p]Study contact: Alexander Dobrev at financing_ehealth@empirica.com[/p]
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