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Policy Link : Information Society and Health
Policy Link : Information Society and Health
A short (15 page) brochure on how Information and Communication Technologies can drive innovation in the field of health and contribute to a European policy for a healthier society. Available in English.
"I welcome this brochure as an illustration of how innovation in ICT is contributing to European policy for a healthier society." Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for Information Society and Media
[p]Health is moving centre-stage in European policy.As well as contributing to citizens’ quality of life, health is an important part of the solution to a number of key challenges facing Europe such as population ageing, security threats or labour shortages. Improving health will help meet the overall Community goals in these areas. As such, health has a role to play in achieving Europe’s full potential for prosperity, solidarity and security.[/p] [p]These objectives are reflected in the proposed Programme of Community Action in the Field of Health (2007-2013), which constitutes the health component of the renewed Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs. This new health policy seeks to align future health action with wider Community policies and programmes. Information and communication technologies (ICT) is one such policy, where research and innovation are paving the way towards completely new approaches to healthcare provision.[/p] [p]The increasing impact of ICT in health is recognised in the i2010 initiative, a European Information Society for Growth and Employment. It proposes a series of practical and applied actions for eHealth under the i2010 strand on inclusion and improving quality of life.Actions are designed to speed the take-up of eHealth solutions, remove obstacles to deployment, and support the growth and competitiveness of the eHealth industry.[/p]


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