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27 September 2012 -
27 September 2012
Tourism has an enormous capacity to contribute to Europe's emergence from the economic crisis.
27 September 2012 -
27 September 2012
Du 24 au 26 Septembre 2012, la Commission Mixte prévue à l’Accord de Partenariat Pêche entre l’UE et Madagascar s’est réunie pour adopter en particulier des mesures de gestion qui encadrent spécifiquement les activités de pêche de la flotte palangrière.
26 September 2012
The fishing sector, NGOs, national administrations, EU institutions and interested members of the public were invited to participate in a discussion on the status of European fish stocks and on corresponding appropriate management measures to be undertaken.
24 September 2012 -
24 September 2012
Today the European Commission confirmed fisheries management measures that the Netherlands propose for three coastal areas designated as part of the Natura 2000 network: Vlakte van de Raan and Voordelta in Southern Netherlands and the North Sea Coastal Zone in the Wadden Sea.
24 September 2012 -
24 September 2012
European Commission welcomes the results of the North Atlantic Fisheries Organisation's (NAFO) Annual Meeting, which ended successfully on 21 September. NAFO adopted total allowable catches (TACs) for a number of stocks in line with the scientific advice, and made further progress in protecting Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VMEs). NAFO paved the way for further improving its performance, in particular by taking measures for the best data and science.
21 September 2012 -
21 September 2012
The Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting of September 2012 will take place in Brussels on 24 & 25 September 2012, under ...
20 September 2012
On 26 September, the European Commission will host a seminar on the state of fish stocks in European waters.
17 September 2012 -
17 September 2012
The European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) has included Baltic salmon stocks into the current joint deployment plan (JDP) in the Baltic Sea in line with the amendment of the European Commission specific control and inspection programme for the cod stocks in the Baltic Sea.

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