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4 June 2013 -
4 June 2013
The European Commission has adopted an Action Plan to address shortcomings in the Latvian fisheries control system.
8 May 2013 -
8 May 2013
For the sixth year, the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) coordinates the Joint Deployment Plan (JDP) for the Blue Fin Tuna fishery in the Mediterranean Sea and the Eastern Atlantic waters for 2013.
23 April 2013 -
23 April 2013
The European Fisheries Control Agency has presented the new tools to develop a culture of compliance in a reformed Common Fisheries Policy at the European Parliament today. Indeed, in the context of the new policy being designed, the EFCA, within its mandate, is ready to contribute to the success of the new CFP and the key features of regionalisation and discard ban and develop the necessary tools.
8 April 2013 -
8 April 2013
The European Fisheries Control Agency is delighted to invite you to a Hearing at the European Parliament entitled `Tools to improve a Culture of Compliance in the European Fisheries - a EFCA contribution┬┤. More information is available on the EFCA website.
6 March 2013 -
6 March 2013
The EFCA has adopted its annual report for 2012 at the meeting of the Administrative Board held on 5 of March.
5 March 2013 -
5 March 2013
Further to overfishing by Spain of its mackerel quota in 2009, the European Commission has decided on a deduction scheme for future Spanish quotas.
15 November 2012
Press points by Commissioner Damanaki

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