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6 June 2014 -
6 June 2014
The European Commission has today further strengthened its commitment to improving fisheries control in Europe.
26 March 2014 -
26 March 2014
The European Fisheries Control Agency has organised a workshop on monitoring and control of Eastern bluefin tuna fishery in the ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna) on the 25-26 March 2014
24 March 2014
For the last seven years, the Indian Ocean Commission has received financial support from the European Union, amounting to € 12 million for maritime surveillance and the fight against illegal fishing. This video shows how five countries have pooled their strengths and resources to conduct effective and responsive missions.
13 March 2014 -
13 March 2014
The EFCA has adopted its annual report for 2013 at the meeting of the Administrative Board held on 13 of March.
17 January 2014 -
17 January 2014
The European Fisheries Control Agency organised a seminar which was hosted by Croatia in Dubrovnik on January 15th and 16th 2014.
29 November 2013 -
29 November 2013
A Commission Regulation providing for a reduction of the annual salmon quota allocated to Poland was issued to recover salmon quota overfished by Polish fishermen in 2012.
24 October 2013
The European Commission and the EU Council of Ministers issued a joint statement at the October 2011 Agriculture and Fisheries Council on the need to effectively enforce the European salmon fishery. Following the announcement, the European Commission carried out an inspection programme in 2012 on salmon fisheries in the Baltic Sea.

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