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Fisheries Partnership Agreements (Fpas) :: News And Events

13 February 2014
13 February 2014
Members of the Moroccan Parliament, who met in plenary on Wednesday 12th February, voted to approve the protocol between Morocco and the EU setting the fishing opportunities and the financial contribution provided for in the fisheries partnership agreement between the two parties.
7 February 2014
A new study is on-line
10 December 2013
10 December 2013
The European Parliament has today given its consent to a new four year Protocol to the EU's Fisheries Partnership Agreement with Morocco.
15 November 2013
15 November 2013
Delegations from the European Union (EU) and the Seychelles have today successfully initialled a Fishery Access Agreement at a meeting in Victoria, Seychelles, which will allow Seychelles flagged vessels to continue fishing operations in the waters of Mayotte. These waters will become EU waters when Mayotte becomes an outermost region of the EU on 1 January 2014.
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