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21 February 2013 -
21 February 2013
The EU-Mauritania Joint Committee, under the current EU-Mauritania Fisheries Partnership Protocol, took place on 19-20 February in Paris.
13 February 2013 -
13 February 2013
The 5th round of negotiations took place in Rabat on 11 and 12 February 2013.
21 January 2013 -
21 January 2013
The third round of negotiations on a new protocol of the Fisheries Agreement between EU and Morocco took place in Rabat on 15 and 16 January 2013. Following two rounds essentially dealing with the technical conditions that would apply to the EU fleet under the new protocol, the discussions dealt with financial aspects as well as with political issues.
9 January 2013 -
9 January 2013
The European Union and Ivory Coast agreed today on a new Protocol to implement the EU/ Ivory Coast Fisheries Partnership Agreement.
27 November 2012 -
27 November 2012
The Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting of November 2012 will take place in Brussels on 28 & 29 November 2012, under the presidency of Mr Sofoklis Aletraris, Cypriot Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environment.
15 November 2012
Press points by Commissioner Damanaki
27 September 2012 -
27 September 2012
Du 24 au 26 Septembre 2012, la Commission Mixte prévue à l’Accord de Partenariat Pêche entre l’UE et Madagascar s’est réunie pour adopter en particulier des mesures de gestion qui encadrent spécifiquement les activités de pêche de la flotte palangrière.

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