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25 June 2018 -
25 June 2018
On 26 June, experts from the EU’s outermost regions join in Brussels to discuss how the blue economy can help give a new, sustainable impetus to their economies. The meeting is the first in its kind and a direct follow-up action of the EU’s new strategy towards the outermost regions.
25 June 2018 -
25 June 2018
While the first tidal farms are being deployed in European waters and an increasing number of devices are being tested, the idea of generating clean energy from the oceans' waves is also gaining ground. However, as with all new technologies, we need to collect data, develop models and thoroughly understand the possible impacts on the marine environment.
19 June 2018 -
19 June 2018
During its 35th Annual Meeting held in Portland, Maine (USA), on 12 and 15 June 2018, the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation (NASCO) adopted new regulatory measures for salmon fisheries around the Faroe Islands and off West Greenland.
15 June 2018 -
15 June 2018
The meeting of European agriculture and fisheries ministers on Monday 18 May will address a number of important issues for the EU maritime and fisheries policy.
14 June 2018 -
14 June 2018
On 14 June, European Commissioner for environment, maritime affairs and fisheries Karmenu Vella inaugurated the world’s first large assembling plant for tidal turbines and devices, built by Naval Energies in Cherbourg, France. Tidal energy is a form of hydropower, or ocean energy, whereby turbines convert the kinetic energy of the tides into electricity.

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