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News And Events

Deadline: 24 November 2014
Whilst considerable progress has been made in mapping the topography of Europe's offshore waters and making the data available through digital terrain models, it is intrinsically more expensive to measure the depth of water in shallow coastal waters because of instrument characteristics and because there is a need to join up with land surveys.
Deadline: 24 November 2014
The aim of the exercise is to determine how current monitoring programmes and data availability meets the needs of public and private users.
1 August 2014
1 August 2014
La République du Sénégal et l'Union européenne ont conclu en avril 2014 un accord de partenariat dans le domaine de la pêche. Cet accord vise à promouvoir une pêche durable dans les eaux sénégalaise, notamment par la promotion d'une lutte efficace contre les activités de pêche illégale, considérée comme prioritaire.
31 July 2014
31 July 2014
EU vessels fishing shrimps and small pelagics in Mauritanian waters in the framework of the EU-Mauritania Fisheries Protocol will be able to continue to do so until 15 December 2014. This is part of the compromise which EU negotiators found last night in Nouakchott after the Mauritanian authorities had upheld the position that all EU vessels would have to leave Mauritanian waters as of 1 August 2014.
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