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31 October 2011 -
31 October 2011
A delegation of the European Commission and a delegation of the Union of Comoros met within the framework of the Joint Committee to discuss issues linked to the implementation of the Fisheries partnership agreement between the EU and the Union of Comoros.
28 October 2011
Videos presenting projects managed by Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) using Axis 4 funds of the European Fisheries Fund
13 July 2011
Video presenting the key elements of the proposals for the reform of the Common Fisheries policy.
1 July 2010
Maritime spatial planning is about planning of sea space and can help us manage our seas and oceans sustainably.
1 May 2010
The IMP was launched just two years ago and is already revolutionising the way in which we manage maritime affairs in Europe.
1 January 2010
We cannot begin to forecast the future behaviour of our seas and oceans unless we understand the past.

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