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Latest News


17 June 2015 -
17 June 2015
The European Commission has launched a study to assess how best to promote and support networks between education and training organisations in the Mediterranean sea basin.
17 June 2015 -
17 June 2015
The European Commission's public consultation on international ocean governance, launched earlier this month, is now available in all languages.
17 June 2015 -
17 June 2015
The event on "Innovative Strategies for Sustainable Coastal and Island Tourism" was held on 16 June 2015, in Brussels.
15 July 2015 -
15 July 2015
As part of the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan, the European Commission invites stakeholders to share their practical knowledge and ideas at the Atlantic Stakeholder Platform conference.
15 June 2015 -
15 June 2015
The Agriculture and Fisheries Council will take place in Luxembourg on 16 June 2015.
11 June 2015 -
11 June 2015
Commissioner Vella is pleased to extend an open invitation to a public seminar on the state of fish stocks and the economic performance of fishing fleets on 14 July 2015 in Brussels. The seminar will review the latest information on the state of fish stocks and of the economic developments of the fleets in the Northeast Atlantic, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, and in the Mediterranean. Commissioner Vella is expected to attend the opening session.
10 June 2015 -
10 June 2015
The Bluefin Tuna purse seine season, lasting from 26 May to 24 June 2015, has come to an early end for the 99% of the European purse-seiners. Thus, the EU Member States involved in this fishing activity have called back to ports the purse seiners since their quotas have been exhausted. Fishing activities are still performed by Croatian small scale vessels, which continue to fish only in Adriatic but are expected to end soon.
9 June 2015 -
9 June 2015
The probable imminent start of commercial activities to mine metals from the deep ocean floor prompted the European Commission to improve public knowledge on the issue and gauge public opinion.

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