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16 November 2015 -
16 November 2015
The Common Fisheries Policy obliges Member States to adjust their fleets' capacity to the fishing opportunities available to them. Member States continue to make progress to this aim, the Report shows.
10 November 2015
A new infographic is on-line
10 November 2015 -
10 November 2015
The European Commission proposes fish quotas (Total Allowable Catches) for 2016 for the Atlantic and the North Sea and an increase in fishing opportunities to help fishermen in the transition to the new obligation to land all catches.
10 November 2015 -
10 November 2015
The Commission proposes to maintain or increase the fish quotas for 35 stocks, and reduce catches for 28 stocks on the basis of the scientific advice received.
6 November 2015 -
6 November 2015
The European Commission has adopted a key investment package for the Croatian maritime, fisheries and aquaculture sectors. The roughly 348.5m EUR available for the period 2014-2020 include more than 252m EUR of EU funding.

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