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Latest News


8 February 2017 -
8 February 2017
On 30 January 2017 the Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella, met on the invitation of the Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas Intergroup with eleven Members of the European Parliament and more than twenty maritime stakeholders at the European Parliament to discuss the Joint Communication on International Ocean Governance, launched in November 2016, and the upcoming report of the European Parliament.
25 - 27 April 2017
2 February 2017 -
2 February 2017
Karmenu Vella, Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries issued a statement following the positive vote in the plenary of the European Parliament today on the sustainable management of external fishing fleets:
31 January 2017 -
31 January 2017
Eliminating the wasteful practice of discarding fish at sea is one of the main aims of the reformed Common Fisheries Policy, adopted in 2014. This will not only improve sustainability, but also boost data collection, which is essential for scientists to provide reliable advice.
30 January 2017 -
30 January 2017
How can the blue economy drive sustainable development in the western Mediterranean? More than 200 participants and 70 panellists from Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania will meet in Barcelona, Spain on 2 February 2017 to discuss the challenges and emerging opportunities for sustainable investment and job creation in the region's blue economy.
24 January 2017 -
24 January 2017
A new study for the European Commission compiles data and information on fisheries subsidies within six of the world's major fishing countries: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Russia and the United States.
24 January 2017 -
24 January 2017
Preparations for the EMD 2017 Conference in Poole, UK (18 & 19 May 2017) are in full swing. Following our call to maritime stakeholders launched last fall, we have received 50 proposals for workshops and project pitches under the following headings: 1) Innovation & Growth, 2) People & Skills, 3) Safety & Security, 4) Sustainability & Governance. Selected stakeholder workshops will be part of an attractive programme that we are currently putting together and which will be announced soon.
24 January 2017 -
24 January 2017
Baltic SCOPE unites national authorities around the Baltic Sea responsible for maritime spatial planning, and is supported by four research and regional organisations.

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