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News and events

News And Events

22 May 2015
Speech by Commissioner Vella at the Expo 2015 Milan, Italy
21 May 2015
21 May 2015
Tweaking breeding methods could allow European fish farming – or aquaculture – to produce more efficiently. An EU-funded project is studying how hi-tech breeding techniques can promote disease resistance and fast, efficient growth in six commonly farmed fish species, improving fish welfare, impacts on wildlife and farm productivity.
21 May 2015
Now available in English, French and Spanish.
20 May 2015
20 May 2015
On 20 May the European Commission announced a further proposal aimed at halting the decline of sea bass in the Celtic Sea, Irish Sea, Channel and North Sea.
19 May 2015
Join #FARMEDintheEU, the European campaign about aquaculture to promote fresh, local, healthy fish and shellfish from the farmers in the water (our video is also a tribute to the movie "Love actually").
Deadline: 31 July 2015
A new consultation is on-line
6 May 2015
6 May 2015
The report on the results of the public consultation on streamlining EU funding in the European Arctic has now been published on our website.
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