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21 December 2018 -
21 December 2018
In mid-December, the EU and the Faroe Islands signed a fisheries arrangement for 2019. The objective was to maintain the balance of fishing possibilities and the high dependency on fisheries of the Faroe Islands. This arrangement does not involve joint management of any shared stock - but only provisions for transfers of fishing opportunities and reciprocal access to each other's waters.
20 December 2018 -
20 December 2018
The EU and Norway has signed three fisheries arrangements for 2019 in the framework of the largest fishing agreement in the north of Europe.
20 December 2018 -
20 December 2018
The Eurobarometer survey on EU consumer choices regarding fishery and aquaculture products is clear: Europeans love fish and other seafood. More than four out of ten Europeans eat seafood at least once a week at home. Price and availability are the main barriers to increase consumption. Regional, national and EU products enjoy a very strong consumer preference. The study also explains how EU policy helps building trust with consumers, mainly by reliable and useful consumer information.
19 December 2018 -
19 December 2018
Next year the number of fish stocks managed at maximum sustainable yield (MSY) levels will rise to 59, and there will be additional protection for the European eel. At the same time EU fishermen in the Atlantic and the North Sea will be able to increase their catches of a number of healthy stocks.
17 December 2018 -
17 December 2018
Last week’s annual meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) adopted an important and binding measure to reduce the risk of entanglement from FADs by 2020. FADs, or “fish aggregating devices”, are floating fishing gear mainly used for tuna fishing. However, they also attract other species, including various kinds of pelagic shark. The new measure to avoid such by-catches was adopted at the proposal of the European Union.
17 December 2018 -
17 December 2018
Our story this month is on a conservation project off the coast of Schleswig-Holstein, in Germany, financed through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). The project is helping to support local fishermen, ecologists and administrative bodies in adopting measures to protect harbour porpoises and diving ducks.
14 December 2018 -
14 December 2018
EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella will present the Commission's proposals for 2019 fishing opportunities for the Atlantic, North Sea and Black Sea at the Agriculture and Fisheries Council on 17-18 December in Brussels.
7 December 2018 -
7 December 2018
Representatives of the European Commission (DG MARE), EU Member States, European Parliament, Council of the European Union, Advisory Councils and other EU stakeholders participated in the Workshop of Digital Tools for Small-Scale Fisheries (Brussels, 4-5 December), organised in the context of the Expert Group on Fisheries Control.

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