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19 January 2017 -
19 January 2017
The economic performance of the EU fleet improved significantly again in 2014, according to the latest Annual Economic Report. Between 2008 and 2014, the EU fleet moved from a loss-making position in 2008 to registering record-high net profits of €770 million in 2014 – up from €500 million in 2013. Forecasts for 2016 remain positive.
13 January 2017 -
13 January 2017
The majority of Europeans say they eat fish because its healthy. Fish consumption is increasing, with 42% Europeans eating fish/aquaculture products at least once a week at home. This underlines the need to ensure sustainable supply of fish to the EU market.
5 January 2017
A new report is online. It is available in French with an executive summary in English and Spanish.
22 December 2016
First sales in Europe and focus on Belgium (ray and gurnard).|Herring preserved in glass jars in Sweden: Sweden manufactures herring preserved in glass jars mostly for the domestic market (82% of total sales). The main export markets are Finland, Denmark, and Germany. | Norway lobster in the EU: The EU fleet accounts for the absolute majority of catches and landings of Norway lobster and mainly supplies the EU consumer market which is the largest end-market globally. | Consumption: fresh common carp.| Fish and seafood prices increased slightly since the beginning of the year.
22 December 2016 -
22 December 2016
Quels États membres sont les principaux producteurs de céréales, de tomates ou de pommes? Quelle quantité de lait de vache est collectée dans les laiteries de l'Union européenne (UE)? Quels États membres produisent le plus de fromage, de beurre ou de crème? Et lesquels produisent le plus de viande de bœuf, de porc ou de volaille? Combien de personnes travaillent dans le secteur agricole dans chaque État membre de l'UE? Comment les prix ont-ils évolué au cours des dernières années? Quelle est l'importance des ressources forestières dans l'UE? Combien de tonnes de poissons ont été capturés et quelle est la production de l'aquaculture?

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