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20 March 2018 -
20 March 2018
Les négociations qui se sont tenues du 13 au 16 mars 2018 à Abidjan ont permis d’améliorer le protocole conformément aux orientations politiques des deux Parties. Le nouveau protocole, d’une durée de six ans, donne accès aux eaux ivoiriennes à 36 navires de l’Union européenne, offrant ainsi au secteur de la pêche européen des opportunités à la fois rentables et durables. De plus, sa durée donne aux pêcheurs concernés la certitude de pouvoir exercer leur activité jusqu’en 2024.
8 March 2018 -
8 March 2018
A multi-annual plan to bring more stability, transparency and sustainability to western Mediterranean fisheries
24 - 26 April 2018
20 February 2018 -
20 February 2018
Good news for European fisheries: fishing businesses in the Atlantic, North Sea and Baltic Sea are making record profits, thanks to a solid recovery of popular fish stocks like North Sea cod, which were severely depleted just a few years ago. A sign that the EU Common Fisheries Policy’s focus on sustainable fishing is paying off – for fishermen and fish stocks alike.
9 February 2018 -
9 February 2018
The sixth annual meeting of the SPRFMO held in Lima, Peru (30 January - 3 February 2018) resulted in important progress on key issues.
8 February 2018 -
8 February 2018
When you look out over the ocean what do you see? If the answer is new sources of food security, new medical breakthroughs, clean blue energy, then we want to hear from you.
2 February 2018 -
2 February 2018
After more than a decade of stagnation, EU aquaculture is finally showing signs of recovery. With 4% growth in volume and 8% in value between 2014 and 2015, and profits exceeding 400 million euro, the sector is generating more value than ever before.

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