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Press releases

Press Releases


26 April 2017 -
26 April 2017
During the Green Week 2017, Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries is organising an event focusing on the current and future workforce needs in the blue economy.
25 April 2017 -
25 April 2017
The European Commission has published its evaluation of the fisheries control regulation.
20 April 2017 -
20 April 2017
EU Maritime Ministers will sign today a Declaration on Blue Growth, reaffirming their political commitment to further grow EU's sustainable blue economy.
19 April 2017 -
19 April 2017
Q&A on the EU initiative for the sustainable development of the blue economy in the western Mediterranean
19 April 2017 -
19 April 2017
Today the European Commission launches a new initiative for the sustainable development of the blue economy in the Western Mediterranean region.
6 April 2017 -
6 April 2017
The Commission published a Staff Working Document on Nautical Tourism. Nautical tourism includes activities in coastal and offshore marine waters, e.g. boating, yachting, boat-based angling and wildlife watching, kayaking as well as other harbour and marina-based activities.
6 April 2017 -
6 April 2017
In the 60-year-old history of European integration the Blue Growth policy is relatively young – it's been around for just 5 years. But even in its infancy it has produced several initiatives to drive the blue economy forward and make Europe's oceans, seas and coasts both healthy and productive.
4 April 2017 -
4 April 2017
The European Commission, together with European External Action Service and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, will co-host the high-level event "A sustainable Arctic – innovative approaches", to take place in Oulu (Finland) on 15-16 June 2017 (starting on 15 June afternoon and finishing on 16 June afternoon).

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