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25 April 2013
Smarter selling: a way to fish less, Common market organisation: Knowing the market better to boost earnings, Commission reviews effectiveness of fisheries support, An historic stock in more ways than one, Valletta invests in tourism and maritime leisure
12 December 2012
This issue of the FARNET Magazine opens with an article that presents some of the main lessons from a series of 15 in-depth case studies, which were carried out by FARNET in different fisheries areas across the EU.
2 July 2012
A video that shows how Transferable Fishing Concessions work and what benefits they can bring, with examples from Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Estonia.
12 June 2012
This video shows how Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) can drive green growth in local fishing communities. The Sotavento FLAG in Portugal has helped local actors in Olhão to use the European Fisheries Fund to capitalise on the environmental assets of their fisheries area and create new economically viable activities.
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