tenders :: Call for tenders MARE/2014/09 - Sea-basin checkpoints

Call for tenders MARE/2014/09 - Sea-basin checkpoints

Deadline: 24 November 2014

(09/08/2014) The aim of the exercise is to determine how current monitoring programmes and data availability meets the needs of public and private users.

This is partly done through a literature survey and partly through practical test cases; for instance asking the project partners to see how well they can site a wind farm or estimate coastal erosion rates using readily available data. The results will then be checked by a panel incorporating representative users from both the public and private sector, including those that have a sea basin mandate such as Regional Sea Conventions, Advisory Councils for fisheries and regional hydrographic commissions. Two "checkpoints"are already running – in the North Sea and the Mediterranean. Bids are requested for setting them up in the Arctic, Atlantic, Baltic and Black Sea.