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News :: EU and Senegal agree new sustainable fisheries partnership

EU and Senegal agree new sustainable fisheries partnership

(25/04/2014) The European Union and the Republic of Senegal have agreed a new Fisheries Partnership following a successful third round of talks in Dakar, Senegal, on the 24th and 25th April. The five year Protocol fixes the fishing opportunities for EU vessels, the EU's financial contribution, and the terms of support for the Senegalese fisheries sector.

Eight years after the expiry of the last protocol, the new instrument allows 38 vessels targeting mainly tuna to once again operate in the Senegalese EEZ, subject to a compensation of 8 690 000 € over the duration of the protocol. The Protocol is in strict compliance with the principles of sustainability and good governance, and is viewed as value for money by both Parties.

Commissioner Damanaki said "Senegal is a key partner because of its strategic location, the high volume of fish landed in the port of Dakar, its role as a member of ICCAT and especially its growing commitment to the fight against illegal fishing. This agreement benefits all stakeholders, including local artisanal fishermen. As one of the new generation of Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements, this deal underlines Europe's commitment to the principles of the reformed CFP whether at home or in foreign waters."

Artisanal fisheries, essential for the economy of Senegal , will not only benefit in terms of scientific research and the fight against IUU fishing, but will also receive a significant part of the sectorial support built into the agreement, worth 750 000 €  per year.