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News :: EP Fisheries Committee supports CFP Reform

EP Fisheries Committee supports CFP Reform

(19/12/2012) The Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament voted on 18 December 2012 to support the key elements of the Commission's proposal for a new Common Fisheries Policy. Amendments endorsing legal obligations to end discards and to manage fish stocks above sustainable levels, as well as amendments that call for more regionalised decision-making were adopted by comfortable majorities.

Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Maria Damanaki stated: "The Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament has voted for an ambitious reform of the CFP by endorsing the approach put forward by the Commission. I am especially pleased with the support of the Committee for a  policy that is based on exploiting fisheries resources sustainably based on the  Maximum Sustainable Yield from 2015, and that introduces a discard ban with clear dates to put an end to wasteful practices that we can no longer afford. These are great achievements of the rapporteur Ms Rodust and of the fisheries committee, and I would like to congratulate them for this success. I am looking forward to the next steps of the Parliament and the Council in early 2013 with a view to ensuring a swift adoption of the reform of the CFP. "
The proposal for the reform of the CFP aims to create the conditions for EU fleets to be economically viable and to promote EU aquaculture, for the benefit of the communities that depend on these activities and for the benefit of consumers. The Commission's proposal to reform the basic rules of the Common Fisheries Policy is based on sustainability. Fisheries management should allow all stocks to be rebuilt to healthy levels that will maximise catches for fishermen. The wasteful practice of discarding perfectly edible fish must be gradually stopped with clear obligations and deadlines, allowing fishermen the time to adapt. Decisions on fisheries management must be taken with the involvement of fishermen and stakeholders, and must take into account the specificities of the sea basins.