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News :: External Dimension: Parliament and Commission in agreement

External Dimension: Parliament and Commission in agreement

(23/11/2012) On 22 November, the European Parliament plenary session adopted Swedish MEP Isabella Lövin's report on the European Commission's Communication on the external dimension of the Common Fisheries Policy.

With all the essentials passed, Parliament has subscribed to the Commission's proposal which sets the same sustainable fishing objectives for international as for European waters.

While pleading for a broadening of the Communication’s scope and an integrated view encompassing European trade and development policies, the report by Isabella Lövin, MEP (ALDE group) backs most of the topics covered in the Communication. These include an elaboration of a 'global catch and traceability documentation scheme' to fight against illicit fishing, strengthening the capability of the regional fisheries management organisations and increasing the contribution from ship owners to the financial compensation paid to the benefiting countries of partnership agreements.. The Council adopted its general approach on this Communication in March 2012, and also globally backed the Commission's policy.