News :: European Parliament - Common Market Organisation (CMO): 148 amendments

12/09 - European Parliament - Plenary Session - Common Market Organisation (CMO): 148 amendments

(11/10/2012) The European Parliament has adopted its position on the CMO regulation proposal, cutting the initial 300 amendment requests by half. Overall, MEPs supported the European Commission’s proposal to build a more responsive market backed by strengthened professional organisations.

The main points are as follows:

  • Ban on discards and related handling of unwanted catches by producer organisations - Parliament recommended some cost compensation but was against free distribution to philanthropic or charitable institutions.
  • Price stabilisation mechanism - Parliament preferred to keep this mechanism which provides public funding for storage when prices fall below the threshold value and extend it to aquaculture products.
  • Labelling - Parliament wanted to exclude processed and preserved products from mandatory labelling and keep it only for fresh and frozen products as is currently the case. It was opposed to the mandatory labelling of date of catch and preferred to replace it by date of landing. It introduced additional mandatory requirements, as such as the specific fish stock, its origin, type of vessel and gear.
  • Ecolabel - Parliament supported including eco-labelling in the mandatory information. It requested the Commission to submit a proposal for an EU wide eco-label scheme by 1 January 2015 and to examine the potential of establishing minimum requirements.