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Press releases and News :: Experts in fisheries and maritime policy - Call for expression of interest - List of experts

Experts in fisheries and maritime policy - Call for expression of interest - List of experts

(30/05/2012) The Directorate-General for Regional Policy has published two calls for expression of interest where experts are specifically requested to respond.

This is an important moment in the history of EU Cohesion Policy and a unique chance for the European-wide expertise in urban and regional issues to help deliver the well-designed, well-run and well-evaluated policies we want to see. There are a very large number of programmes and projects within EU Cohesion Policy operating in different Member States, in different regions, and which focus on different thematic priorities and with different objectives. A wide range of expertise is required covering issues such as innovation; R&D; energy and resources; entrepreneurship; environment and climate change; human capital; information and communication technologies; transport; real estate and land use; social inclusion; heritage and culture; infrastructure; labour markets; demographic transitions; housing; rural areas; maritime regions and fisheries; governance and institutions; public administration; combating poverty; and experts in all of these fields are needed from all parts of the EU.

  • Call for expression of interest to establish a list of experts to assist the Directorate-General for Regional Policy in the appraisal, implementation and monitoring of cohesion policy interventions.
    TED:  2012/S 55-088796
  • Call for expressions of interest in the field of evaluation in connection with activities of the Directorate-General for Regional Policy.
    TED:  2012/S 45-072740