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News :: Sustainable Fisheries Partnership assesses state of forage fish stocks

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership assesses state of forage fish stocks

(20/06/2012) The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), an independent non-governmental organization providing guidance to seafood suppliers and producers, has released its annual sustainability overview of fisheries used for fishmeal and fish oil.

"It is paramount for members of the supply chain to have tools for monitoring the situation and engaging actively in improvements to source fisheries", Commissioner Damanaki commented. She added: "We all have the responsibility to ensure fish stocks long-term sustainability. Within this objective it is necessary to keep fisheries impacts within sustainable bounds, by including all knowledge we have about the interactions between fisheries and marine ecosystems".

The twenty-eight principal reduction fisheries around the Atlantic and South America are rated according to a sustainability assessment based on the quality of management and the status of the stock. The report provides a snapshot of the 2010 situation.

SFP concludes that most of the assessed fisheries operate within the limits that would be considered consistent with current good industry practice in the context of single species management regimes. However, a few fisheries are experiencing significant difficulties, many could benefit from improvements and all would be enhanced by the incorporation of ecosystem principles into the overall management regime.

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