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News :: Bluefin tuna season 2014: EU ensures control from catch to caging

Bluefin tuna season 2014: EU ensures control from catch to caging

(18/06/2014) The 2014 purse seine fishing season for Bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean (26 May to 24 June) had a spectacular start this year.

Spain, as one of the main players, exhausted its quota within two days, followed by Malta, France and Italy of which the last vessels turned back to port by 13th of June. For the first time, the Croatian purse seine vessels, some of which remain fishing, are fully part of the EU fleet and covered by the strict control and monitoring system applied within the EU.

Since purse seiners and traps are catching the Bluefin tuna alive, the season is not over yet. As in previous years, the European Commission closely follows the entire process from the catch to the caging of the live fish for farming purposes.

In close collaboration with the European Fisheries Control Agency and Member States all necessary measures have been taken to ensure full compliance with the new international provisions and, ultimately, the success of the recovery plan and long term sustainability of the stock.


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