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News :: Landmark 5 year mackerel deal agreed

Landmark 5 year mackerel deal agreed

(17/03/2014) Following intense discussion thee EU now has a five-year arrangement for mackerel in the North-East Atlantic with Norway and Faroe Islands and a new agreement with Norway on the management of shared fish stocks in the North Sea.

The arrangement, which makes room for another Coastal State to join at a later stage, establishes a number of important principles, including a commitment to sustainable fisheries, a sharing between the Parties, and a commitment to establish a new long-term management plan in 2014 following ICES advice.

European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Maria Damanaki, said: "This is a significant day for international fisheries. This landmark agreement testifies to the EU's commitment to sustainable fishing at home and abroad. The talks were long and intensive and given the potential risk to the stock, the stakes could not have been much higher. This agreement ensures the long term sustainability of this valuable stock. The door is still open for Iceland to join the other Parties in the near future."


The EU has also agreed a new arrangement with Norway on the management of shared fish stocks in the North Sea. This arrangement involves an increase of 5% in the TAC for North Sea cod and 15% for North Sea plaice compared to 2013. However, the TACs for North Sea haddock, saithe and whiting have been reduced by 15% with the herring TAC in the same area being reduced by 2%.