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News :: European Parliament supports new Protocol to the EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement

European Parliament supports new Protocol to the EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement

(10/12/2013) The European Parliament has today given its consent to a new four year Protocol to the EU's Fisheries Partnership Agreement with Morocco.

The total cost of the new Protocol to the EU will be 30m EUR a year, of which 16m EUR compensates Morocco for access to the resource and 14m EUR is directed towards supporting the fisheries sector in the country. In addition, the ship owners' own contribution is estimated at 10m EUR giving a total financial envelope for Morocco of an estimated 40m EUR, whilst the new Protocol also provides for increased job opportunities for Moroccan seamen.
The fishing possibilities in the new Protocol are increased by a third compared to the previous agreement and will now total 80,000 tonnes for small pelagic species with further fishing opportunities available for demersal, tuna and artisanal fisheries. Given that the cost for the EU taxpayer for accessing these increased possibilities has decreased by 30%, the Parliament recognised that the deal represents good value for money. Ten Member States have an interest in the FPA with Morocco, which includes 6 fishing categories exploited by both industrial and small-scale fleet segments.
A human rights clause is included in the Protocol and, as with all of the EU's agreements, an in-built suspension mechanism ensures that the EU can unilaterally suspend the protocol in case of human rights violations. Detailed and regular reporting obligations for Morocco will serve to demonstrate the economic and social impact of the sectoral support on the local populations. This reporting mechanism will include details on how each sectoral support project serves the best interests of all of the local population on a geographical basis.