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News :: Formal adoption of CFP reform a step closer

Formal adoption of CFP reform a step closer

(24/10/2013) As implementation draws nearer, the final steps to the validation and adoption process to enshrine the CFP reforms into law are taking place between the EU Council of Ministers and the European Parliament.

Last week the Agriculture and Fisheries Council, chaired by Lithuanian Minister for Agriculture Vigilijus Jukna, adopted its position on two proposals for regulations on CFP reform following an early second-reading agreement with the European Parliament. The next step of the procedure is the approval of the texts by the European Parliament. Ahead of this, the Commission has informed the European Parliament, through a direct communication, that the Commission's position is in line with that of the Council, and has further clarified its position with statements on specific issues within the CFP reform text.

Political agreement between the EU Council of Ministers and the European Parliament on the reform was announced on 30th May this year. That announcement marked the culmination of a process which started in 2008 with a number of extensive public consultations, and the adoption of the Commission proposals in July 2011. With the new policy agreed at political level, finalisation and formal adoption are now being completed with a view to a progressive implementation of the reforms in the New Year.

Meanwhile, the Commission is hosting a seminar focusing on the implementation of the CFP reform on Friday 25th October. The seminar can be viewed via webstream.