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News :: Launch of CIP Project MobiCloud: "Moving into the Cloud"

Launch of CIP Project MobiCloud: "Moving into the Cloud"

(22/02/2013) Many of us use 'cloud computing' every day without even realising it. Web-based e mail and social media sites such as Facebook and Spotify all use the technology to store data such as pictures, videos and text files. But what exactly is 'the cloud'? Even many people who have heard of the concept aren't always sure about what it involves. The MobiCloud project's objective is to stimulate the provision of new mobile services in the cloud and help support the emergence of a European ecosystem of mobile cloud application developers. MobiCloud will become an online technology marketplace, a collaborative platform which will develop, deploy and manage mobile cloud applications for business-critical scenarios such as public transport, field service or construction. The project is funded under the Competitiveness and Innovation (CIP)Framework Programme and started on 01/12/2013.

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