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News :: What will the world look like in 2050?

What will the world look like in 2050?

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(27/11/2012) Co-create futures in our virtual lab "Futurium"


Do you want to create your own vision of how the world will look like in 2050? Would you like to read other people's visions and vote on how desirable and likely they are to happen? Do you want to develop ideas for policies that underpin these visions? Or you like to support an idea and vote its probable impact. Would you want to link scientific evidence to your visions and policy ideas and announce events? Then join Futurium to animate debates on fascinating futures.

Futurium is the European Commission's online laboratory where you can develop visions and ideas for future European policies. Futurium is based on open technologies and open data. Anyone can access the content and vote on visions and policy ideas. Registration is only required to create content and to post comments. Join Futurium now!