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International ITS Harmonization Workshop, 15-16 November 2012, Darmstadt [DE]

28 September 2012, Darmstadt [DE]

Throughout 2012, the harmonization task groups #1 (Security and Management Protocols) and #3 (Joint protocols for safety and sustainability services) created a series of reports that discuss the status of harmonization of ITS standardization activities between the EU and the US. Furthermore, the HTG gave recommendations for future directions of standardization activities. We would now like to invite representatives from SDOs and other stakeholders to discuss the outcomes of this work and the uptake of the results in the standardization process. Furthermore, the workshop will provide a platform for experts and stakeholders to meet and discuss the strategy and next steps. The two days will include presentations of HTG results, feedback from SDOs, and expert discussions. Darmstadt is conveniently located close to the Frankfurt Airport that is one of the major airports in Europe and well connected to destinations all around the globe. The Airliner bus takes you in just 30 minutes from the airport to the center of Darmstadt. More details with hotel recommendations etc. will follow soon.