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Fiche :: Action 98: Support the Internet Governance Forum

Action 98: Support the Internet Governance Forum

24 October 2010

Support the continuation of the Internet Governance Forum beyond 2010.

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a multi stakeholder forum to discuss policy issues on internet governance. The IGF was formally established by the United Nations Secretary-General in July 2006. The main themes of IGF are openness, security, diversity and access.

What has the Commission done until now?

The Commission is an active supporter of the IGF. Therefore, a financial decision has been adopted in view to fund IGF under its new mandate. Also, the Commission participates in the current debates on the role of IGF.

What will the European Commission do?

By end 2011

  • Conclude a contribution agreement with IGF.
  • Participate in the debate on the role of IGF by defend the multistakeholder approach, ensuring at the same time that IGF raises its profile.

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