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Action 97: Promote the internationalisation of internet governance

24 October 2010

Promote the internationalisation of internet governance and global cooperation to maintain the stability of the internet, on the basis of the multi-stakeholder model.

What is the problem? The internet can not be regulated on a national basis

Given the strategic importance of the internet, international cooperation is crucial. Internet is a formidable instrument for freedom of speech worldwide. For many of the policy issues in the Digital Agenda, progress can only be made on an international level:

  • Interoperability and standards recognised at world scale can help promote more rapid innovation by lowering the risks and costs of new technologies.
  • Addressing rising cyber security threats needs to take place in an international context.
  • The fast worldwide upgrade of internet to IPv6 is an important priority to avoid the slow-down of internet development and impact on economic growth.

Why is EU action necessary? International cooperation is essential to keep internet as a global infrastructure

  • Europe must continue to play a leading role in promoting an open and inclusive internet governance.
  • Promote European regulatory solutions based on equality of opportunity, transparent government and governance and markets that are open to competition.
  • Benchmark European progress in the Digital Agenda against the best international performance.

What has the Commission done until now?

The Commission has participated in a dialogue with US in order to discuss how to improve the current functioning of ICANN. In particular, the issues of Conflict of Interest, respect for applicable law and the community support in the introduction of new gTLD have been intensively discussed. US government has recently published new IANA contract, in which most of the suggestions presented by the Commission were taken into account

What will the European Commission do?

By end 2011

  • Work on the internationalisation of Internet Governance, in particular the IANA functions.
  • Continue the discussion on how to improve the current functioning of ICANN and how to address the process of new gTLDs development.
  • Adopt a Communication containing the principles for Internet resilience and stability at the European and global level.
  • Continue discussions on the governance of the Internet of Things (IoT) within the Internet of Things expert group which is opened to inputs and contributions from all over the world, and participate in relevant international activities such as the ITU-T Joint Coordination Activity on Internet of Things (JCA-IoT) and various intergovernmental institutions (OECD, Council of Europe, Shanghai-Group, etc).

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