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Fiche :: Action 87: Issue White Paper on inter-connecting e-procurement capacity in EU

Action 87: Issue White Paper on inter-connecting e-procurement capacity in EU

24 October 2010

Define by 2011 concrete steps in a White Paper on how to inter-connect e-procurement capacity across the single market.

What is the problem? Technical barriers between Member States are still high

Europe needs to lower barriers between Member States to enable the private sector to access public tendering throughout the Union. This includes the development and deployment of cross-border public services and more usage of online services.

Why EU action is required? e-Procurement as a facilitator for single market developments

The e-Procurement Action Plan was launched in 2004. Although many progresses have been achieved, more needs to be done to gain the full benefit of e-Procurement. With the publication of a White Paper, the Commission intends to outline steps to establish an inter-connected e-Procurement infrastructure.

What will the Commission do?

By the end of 2010:

  • Complete and publish evaluation of the (2004) e-Procurement Action Plan
  • Publish Commission Green Paper on challenges and options for Community action to facilitate the transition to e-Procurement
  • Launch public consultation on issues/options presented in the Green Paper – including organisation of an open hearing

By the end of 2011:

  • Publish a summary of feedback on Green Paper
  • Analyse impact of some core actions to improve EU legislative and policy environment
  • Finalise White Paper with concrete steps on how to inter-connect e-Procurement infrastructure

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