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Fiche :: Action 86: Implement cross-border eEnvironment services

Action 86: Implement cross-border eEnvironment services

24 October 2010

Implement eEnvironment information services, including monitoring, notably through advanced sensor networks.

What is the problem? To take advantage of more efficient ICT solutions

With continuous advances in Information and communication technologies making ICT solutions more cost-efficient, the opportunities to use them in support of achieving EU environmental policy objectives become increasingly evident.

Why the EU action is required? Use of Information and Communication Technologies for environment information

Throughout the 6th Environmental Action Programme 2002-2012, the Commission has been committed to strengthening the evidence base for policy making, increasingly emphasising the importance of implementation and impact assessment.

With this and several other aims in mind, an EU "Shared Environmental Information System" (SEIS)is being developed to deliver on three main streams of action: The streamlining of legal requirements; building the data and information infrastructure; and constructing the monitoring infrastructures (including sensors) and protocols.

What will the Commission do?

By the end of 2012:

  • A SEIS Implementation Plan will outline the priorities and improved co-ordination and planning of mutually supportive activities.
  • The Commission will adopt a Communication to the European Parliament and to the Council on the review of the Directive on the public access to environmental information.

By the end of 2016:

  • eGovernement 'eEnvironment' services will be available and inter-operable across administrative and jurisdictional boundaries and by 2020 the quality and availability of data will be sufficient to support EU policy objectives related to the environment achieved at pan-European level.

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