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Fiche :: Action 45: Foster the deployment of NGA networks

Action 45: Foster the deployment of NGA networks

22 October 2010

Issue a Recommendation in 2010 to encourage investment in competitive Next Generation Access networks through clear and effective regulatory measures.

What is the problem? Outdated networks are slowing Europe down

Today, internet access in the EU is mainly based on first generation broadband. Most people connect to the cyberspace over telephone copper and TV cable networks, both of which offer only limited speeds.

Europe is lagging behind other parts of the world (USA, Japan, Korea) where heavy investments are made to foster the deployment of Next Generation networks that enable to access high-speed internet.

Why is EU action required? To offer the best to its citizens and businesses

Europeans should have the chance to use services on networks that are equal to or better than those available in other countries.

What are the Commission's plans?

In 2010: adoption of a Recommendation to encourage investment in next generation access networks (NGA).

In 2011:

  • Monitoring of the implementation of the NGA Recommendation by national regulatory authorities.
  • Monitoring of NGA deployment and broadband competition in the Member States.

In 2012: guidance on pricing and/or costing methodologies in national regulatory measures.

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