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Action 42: Adopt an EU broadband communication

22 October 2010

Adopt a Broadband Communication that lays out a common framework for actions at EU and Member State level to meet the Europe 2020 broadband targets.

What is the problem? Without EU intervention broadband may not reach every citizen

The deployment of broadband networks is crucial, however without public intervention, there is a risk that the deployment of fast broadband networks will focus mainly in a few high-density zones leaving rural and remote areas excluded.

Why is EU action required? Accelerate development of very fast internet

  • lower the costs of broadband deployment in the EU
  • ensure proper planning and coordination
  • reduce administrative burdens (see Action 47)
  • reinforce the use of the Structural and Rural Development Funds (see Action 48)

What will the Commission do?

In order to accelerate the development of very fast internet, in September 2010 the Commission adopted a Communication outlining common rules within which EU and national policies should be developed to meet the broadband targets. In this regard, the development of operational national broadband plans is crucial (see Action 46).

The Communication was adopted along a Recommendation on Next Generation Access Networks to encourage investment through clear and effective regulatory measures (see Action 45) and a proposal for a Radio Spectrum Policy Programme (see Actions 44 and 49).

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