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Fiche :: Action 28: Reinforced Network and Information Security Policy

Action 28: Reinforced Network and Information Security Policy

22 October 2010

The Commission will reinforce the Network and Information Security Policy and will modernise European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), and measures allowing faster reactions in the event of cyber attacks, including a CERT for the EU institutions

What is the problem? Networks are not secure

The internet has become a critical information infrastructure, encompassing IT systems and networks across the globe. It must be resilient and secure against all sorts of threats.

Why is EU action required? EU helps the states to cooperate

Strong cooperation between EU governments, public bodies and private companies is necessary to improve information exchange and to ensure that security problems are addressed quickly and effectively.

The European Network Information and Security Agency (ENISA) serves as a focal point for this exchange and cooperation. Enhanced ENISA is expected to have a significant positive economic impact, as the current costs associated with network and information security breaches are already considerable and are still growing.

To react to threats in real-time conditions, a well functioning and wider network of Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) should also be established in Europe, including for European institutions (see Action 38 for more information on CERTs).

What will the Commission do?

The European Commission will:

In 2011

  • Publish a Communication containing the principles for internet resilience and stability at the European and global level.
  • Ensure that the heads of the respective institutions will sign the agreement to establish the CERT for the EU institutions.

In 2012

  • Ensure that the regulations on ENISA will be adopted at the EU level.
  • Make sure that CERT becomes operational.

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