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Report / Study :: eHealth in the European regions

Study "eHealth in the Regions of Europe"

2 - 25 July 2007

The aim of this study is to find out how the Regions (sub-national; first level under the National Governments) of Europe, at this stage, strategically deal with the developments and opportunities regarding eHealth, in terms of policy, strategy, implementation priorities and incentives, to support Healthcare, Social Care, Public Health, and other regional priorities.

How to support Regions in their work related to eHealth?

The background for this study is the ongoing development of eHealth to support Healthcare, Social Care, and Public Health in the Regions of Europe. Other regional aspects may include developing eHealth related industries, industry and research clusters, and the creation of new jobs. In this study, “eHealth”, including “telemedicine/telecare/telehealth”, is used as an umbrella term for ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) tools, systems, and services for applications in Healthcare, Social Care, and Public Health.

The result of the study should facilitate the drawing of conclusions on possible required initiatives by European institutions and European stakeholders, and to support Regions in their work related to eHealth policies, strategies, priorities, and implementation.

The study will be based on a questionnaire to the Director/Management of the different Regions.

Deadline to answer the questionnaire: 25/07/2007

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S. Olsson