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Making sense of content – Quality content for all

15 September 2006

Technological advance has enabled perfect, inexpensive and unlimited replication of content, delivered instantly to individual users, seamlessly across borders. It has led to a proliferation of new media and has fuelled the development of new content products. With this continued innovation have come not just opportunities, but also technical, organisational and regulatory challenges, touching our content industry and content-holding public sector, individual citizens and businesses alike.

The Commission uses financial and legislative interventions to channel the impact of technological change to economic advantage and social good in Europe where this is not guaranteed by the market.

The technical, organisational and regulatory challenges currently being addressed are set out in the three sections of this brochure:

i) exploring new ways of interacting with content

ii) innovation to ease access to and use of content

iii) a framework for cross-border use of content.

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