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Press Release :: Press Pack : Review of the EU Regulatory Framework for eCommunications - 29 June 2006

Review of the EU regulatory Framework for eCommunications - Telecoms : Commission tables plans to boost competition among telecoms operators and build a single market for services that use radio spectrum

(29/06/2006) The Commission is launching on 29 June a public consultation on policy options for updating the EU’s telecom rules of 2002, the "regulatory framework for electronic communications". Electronic communications include fixed voice telephony, mobile communications and broadband - a market worth more than €270 billion in the EU in 2005.

Reporting on the functioning of the framework, the Commission notes substantial progress since 2002 in opening up national telecom markets to competition and proposes to phase out ex-ante regulation in at least 6 of the existing 18 telecoms market segments, including those for national and international calls. For those markets where competition is not yet effective (such as the crucial broadband supply market), the Commission wants EU rules applied more effectively, so as to step up competition throughout the single market. The Commission thereby takes a clear stance against the idea of “regulatory holidays” for incumbent operators. The Commission also advocates moving towards a common, more market-based, approach to allocating the radio spectrum needed for innovative services and devices to work EU-wide. The Commission’s target is for the new rules to be fully transposed into national laws by 2010.

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Commission Press Room: IP/06/874

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