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Calls for tender :: MSS authorisation study - Ex ante publication

Study on Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) authorisations, authorisation regimes and enforcement in EU Member States - Ex ante publication

Deadline: To be defined.

(08/04/2013) The purpose of the study is to collect comprehensive and systemized information on (a) the MSS (satellite component) and CGC authorisation regimes put in place by the Member States, (b) the actual MSS and CGC authorisations issued to the selected operators by the relevant authorities of the Member States and (c) national enforcement rules applicable to the MSS and CGC authorisations, including specific remedies, in case the selected operators failed to comply with any conditions attached to their authorisations as required by laws of the respective Member States.

Mobile satellite services (MSS) are services provided by a satellite system which communicates with portable terminals on the ground, which can be carried by a person or mounted on a car or ship. MSS systems can deliver innovative services, ranging from high-speed internet access to mobile television or radio, and public protection and disaster relief.

Additional Information

See also: Study on MSS Authorisation Regimes and Authorisations in the EU Member States, SMART NÂș 2011/0015, by Gerald Oberst, Hogan Lovells International LLP