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Action 76: Propose a recommendation to define a minimum common set of patient data

The Commission will work with Member States competent authorities and all interested stakeholders to: Propose a recommendation defining a minimum common set of patient data for interoperability of patient records to be accessed or exchanged electronically across Member States by 2012;
 Implementation of this action is also expected to contribute to Action 77.

What is the problem? Lack of interoperability undermine patients' safety

Interoperability contributes to enhance patient safety, to enable safer and more efficient mobility, to reduce fragmentation of the eHealth market. The large scale pilot epSOS ( aims at developing, testing, and validating the interoperability of patient summaries (and ePrescription solutions).

Why is EU Action needed? Cooperation at European level will achieve multiple benefits

On the basis of the results of epSOS, the Commission will identify, together with Member States and stakeholders, a minimum common set of patient data to be accessed or exchanged electronically. This will unlock multiple benefits such as timely access to relevant and vital patient data; higher quality and safety of care, as life-saving information will be easily accessed; opportunities for market development.

DAE action 76 will contribute to the delivery of the European Innovation Partnership in the field of active and healthy ageing, proposed under the Innovation Union flagship.

What will the Commission do?

By the end of 2010:

  • Consult with Member States and relevant stakeholders.
  • Negotiate with epSOS the extension of the project to include additional Member States and European Countries.

In 2011:

  • Assess in cooperation with stakeholders the results of the first piloting phase of epSOS and of the thematic network CALLIOPE (
  • Follow the legislative process of the proposal for a Directive on the application of patients' rights in cross-border healthcare and ensure implementation
  • Monitor the evaluation and revision of the Directive on the protection of personal data
  • Adopt a New eHealth Action plan 2012-2020 in which the issue will be addressed.

In 2012:

  • Adoption of the EC Recommendation and of a mechanism for monitoring its implementation